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Swing Gate

Automatic gates commonly use electric motors or hydraulics to operate them. Swing gates rotate around hinges on gate posts at the sides of driveway entrances, on and off of the site.Sliding gates are moved by a static motor. They typically have backup batteries, remote controls, other options. Automatic swing gates by Automations are fabricated to provide safety, suitability, and against unauthorized invasion.


Sliding Gate

The most common type of Gates used in all premises is Automatic Sliding Gates. The sliding gate is mounted parallel on a track and moves forward and backward with the help of rollers. We at Access Automation uses high-quality bearings that are double padded to help the rollers from not getting blocked by dust and debris that ensures the smooth operation of the gate. Gates designs are firstly prepared in AutoCAD and are fabricated with the use of MS Hollow sections and sheets.

Swing Gate With Roller

Swing gate with roller system is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas & where in there is very less or no run-back for single side sliding arrangement to install the conventional sliding gates. They are manufactured in two, three or more gate panels and therefore reduce the required back run/parking space.

gate controlling

Easy & Effortless Controls

Experience the convenience of our automated gates, easily controlled through our user-friendly app. With options for RFID, remote access, and voice assistant compatibility, operating your gates has never been simpler. Enjoy effortless entry and security at your fingertips. Discover Our App


Boom Barrier

Boom Barriers offer efficient security at exit and entry points of factories, office complexes, condominiums, parking lots, toll plazas, or any roadway entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. The boom barrier is aesthetically designed with sleek and modern looks. Features of the boom barrier gate include an inbuilt anti-crush safety device, which suspends the motion of the boom, should it meet any obstruction.

Control From Anywhere

Our Gate Automation system allows you to control your gate from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Whether you're at home, at the office, or on vacation, you're in control of who enters your property. Our user-friendly mobile app makes gate control simple and convenient. Open or close your gate with a tap, check its status, and manage access permissions on the go.

mobile access