Your Protection in an imperfection world

At Ajax, we believe that people shouldn’t have to live in fear in today's world. Our continually evolving security system gives people peace of mind. When you're under the reliable protection of Ajax, you're safe from thieves, fires or leaks that can cause real harm to property and people.

Innovation to protect

Our Products

Wireless security devices of the Ajax system

Control panels

Hub is a reinvented security system control panel. Acting as a central unit for all system devices, Ajax hub instantly notifies users and a security company of alarm activation at a facility.

Door Protect

Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window. It can be mounted on all types of doors including a metal base.

Fire detection

fire detectors alert users via connected sirens, mobile app, SMS, or call. Multiple detectors connected to the hub can activate an alarm synchronously if at least one of them is triggered

Motion Protect

Wireless motion detector that notifies the owner of the first signs of home or office intrusion. The detector is fastened to the wall in front of the doors and other places likely of intruder entry

Motion Cam Outdoor

Wireless motion detector taking photos by alarm and on demand
  • Special lens
  • Intellect against false alarms
  • Filter for thermal interferences
  • Unique wireless technologies
  • Sensitivity level
  • More security
  • Professional installation

Dual Curtain Outdoor

Two detectors in one

Masking sensors

Unique optical sysytems

Flexible settings of detection zones

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